Greece: less constraints on Capital Control

On 1 October of this year part of the limits imposed on the transfer of capital abroad by the Greek government in 2015 expired. This is an encouraging signal for the future prospects of the Greek banking system, and an opportunity for foreign companies with economic relations with Greece. Around 10 years have now passed since the explosion of the economic crisis that shook the global financial markets and, even though ...

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Development of the debt-to-GDP ratio: the contribution of local entities

The debt-to-GDP ratio in Italy has reached 132% and is the second largest in the Euro Area after that of Greece. The high level of debt is one of the main obstacles to the growth of the country in addition to being one of the greatest risks in the event of political instability. The re-launching of local entities could be one of the keys to reducing the debt. In 2016, ...

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New Anac guidelines on company ratings and legality

New indicators for contracting firms in order to improve the quality of public tenders and the reputation of companies. Article 83, paragraph 10 and Art. 95 paragraph 13 of the Code of Public Contracts respectively assigns - to ANAC (National Anti-Corruption Entity) and the AGCM (Italian Anti-Trust Authority) - management of the company rating system and of the legality rating system. As a premise, it should be noted that the nature of ...

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Analysis of cash flows of healthcare entities

Policies for decreasing debt and for compliance with the Stability Pact inevitably influence the managerial strategies of healthcare administrations. Following a review of the data of the Bank of Italy – collected on the SIOPE platform (IT system for transactions with public entities) – a cash flow analysis was implemented for entities at the national and regional level by comparing the data of the most recent years with those of ...

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