Hospital pharmaceutical spending: developments relating to the payback

The agreement on the payback represents an important milestone which, if correctly applied, will be beneficial to both the Regions and the pharmaceutical industries, by facilitating the allocation of important economic resources. After several years of bitter disputes that have involved - and overturned - the methods and the provisions adopted by AIFA for the containment of pharmaceutical spending for the years 2013-2017, and the stalemate that was consequently created in ...

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Budget law 2019: the main measures applied to the Municipalities

The Budget law 2019 will entail many changes to the cash flows of local authorities compared with the previous years. The provision with the most important impact will probably be the elimination of the block of local rates and additional rates on IRPEF, IRAP and IMU/TASI. This decision could allow for an upward adjustment in taxation to 80% of the administrations, generating an additional revenue of up to Euro 2 ...

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Cash advances: a concrete solution for the Italian PA payables?

The Budget law 2019 (paragraphs 849-857) has introduced the possibility for Regions, Provinces, metropolitan cities and Municipalities to request to Banks, financial intermediaries, Deposits and Loans Fund and financial institutions of the European Union, short term cash advances for the payment of debts that are certain, liquid and payable, accrued as at 31 December 2018, concerning utilities, general supplies, work contracts and professional services. The interested local authorities had had the ...

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Dynamic Discounting: What it is and what advantages it offers to companies and their suppliers

Dynamic Discounting is a service that combines the active cycle of invoicing the customer with the passive procurement cycle to suppliers. The liquidity, generated through the factoring transactions without recourse, with the PA/National Healthcare Service, is used according to a plan of advanced payments to the customer's suppliers: the arbitrage deriving therefrom is a “win-win” solution for all players involved. The Dynamic Discounting is a technological solution that allows for advanced ...

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